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Who we are
Creatiworks is a technology services company offering professional website design, graphic design, software development, and networking. We pay attention to the intricate details and provide our clients with a product that is tailor made to fit their needs. Our staff also has a very strong background in computer programming, software development and networking. We can build custom software applications for windows or linux platforms, or distributed applications running over network environments. For our web based projects we use our content management system, called SPACE [click here to learn more].

Why have a website?
A website can be a cost effective way to reach potential customers. You can inform customers about your company, let them see visually what you have to offer, and provide all sorts of information about ordering, customer service, contact information, etc... You can position yourself in the marketplace as an innovative and up-to-date company.

Why choose Creatiworks?
We help you develop a web strategy, not just a website. Websites are more than pretty pages. Increasingly, they are the hub of business communications and data management. We combine professional development tools and design skills with your creative vision to help you develop a web strategy and lets your site work for you.

Latest Launches
> Hindys Home Hardware
> Holloways Funeral Home
> The Treasure Trove Emporium
> Strickland Agencies Inc.
> J and I Canadian Services
Current Projects
> MySkills Online
> Funtime Family Child Care
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