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S.P.A.C.E. - SQL & PHP Active Content Engine

SPACE is a content management system created by creatiworks development.

*Developer-oriented fully customizable design
*Single Echo Structure
*PHP Module Framework
*dbAccessObject MySQL Wrapper Class
*Built in skinning
*Supports any layout method (table based, css based)
*Total Freedom to go ANYWHERE

First off, SPACE does not have a WYSIWYG site editor. It is oriented around total freedom for the advanced user. SPACE organizes content, menus, forms, and supporting documents neatly into a MySQL database and provides the developer an organized structure under which to modify their php files.

The CMS employs what we call a single echo structure (SES). This means that the entire page is built as a string variable and the entire thing is printed to the browser at the end of processing. There are several advantages to this structure. Each module or function that writes output for a page will return its results as a string. We can then pass this string into another function for further processing. We can pass an entire page into a function that places it into a nice looking frame. We can pass the page into a function that cleans up the tab structure of an html document. Furthermore this structure allows us to include special [module] tags into the layout and have the system process the resulting strings, identify the module tags, and replace them with the appropriate output.

In SPACE a module represents a block of code in the final html document. This is usually an area of the screen such as the header, menu, content window, etc. The module will be linked to a PHP file which will be accessed by the system and will return its output as a string. By having the module run a PHP file it leaves the developer total freedome as to what kind of processing he wishes to conduct in that module… all that matters is the module returns its output properly.

dbAccessObject is a MySQL Wrapper Class written by creatiworks which provides user friendly database connection and querying functions. An object of this class called $DBO is globally available to all PHP scripts that run under the system.

Skinning in SPACE is quite simple. All the site graphics and the site CSS are located in the skins folder. To create a new skin you can simply duplicate an existing skin, replace the images, and modify the css styles. Select the new skin in the database and voila.

By creating a simple layout file that consists of straight HTML and various module tags. A developer can use the SPACE system to create any webpage he dare to dream. With it you can go ANYWHERE.

Mark Mercer

The SPACE system is not available for download, if you are interested in learning more about our CMS please contact us.

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